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It’s another day you are suffering from pain inside your head

The common term for this is headaches.

Migraines, cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, sinus headaches and more!

There are over 200 types of headaches, and the causes range from benign to life-threatening.

If headaches are common for you and you are relying on medication to deal with your pain, what you may not realize is that the cause of your headache may be coming from some other system of your body.

Your headache is a non-specific symptom , which means that it has many possible causes.

Successful treatment of your headache depends on finding the underlying cause and correcting that.

Your headache pain will continue to return unless the root cause is treated! That is what we strive to do for you!

You may already know that your brain tissue is not sensitive to pain because it lacks pain receptors .

Your head pain is caused by disturbance of the pain-sensitive structures around your brain. These are the lining of your skull (periosteum), muscles, nerves, arteries and veins, connective tissues , eyes, ears, sinuses and mucous membranes .

Your headache can result from traction to or irritation of your connective tissue surrounding your brain and blood vessels.

Your pain receptors (nociceptors) may also be stimulated by factors other than trauma to your head or tumors and cause headaches.

Some of these factors include neuronal hyper-excitability due to brain imbalances, stress , immune system activation due to hidden virus/bacterial infections, metabolic imbalances due to your thyroid gland, adrenal gland, blood sugar etc., and muscular contraction. What hope do you have in using a pain reliever to fix the problem?

We are looking at how your body is working as a whole, so we can get to the root of your problem!

Your description of your headache, together with results from your neurological examination and our advanced diagnostic and laboratory testing gives us vital information we use in determining the cause of your headaches… And the best treatment plan for your success in living headache free!