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Functional Medicine

Why use Functional Medicine?

underlying-causesFunctional Medicine is described by Dr. Oz as “A growing field in which health care providers create a complete health plan focused on the whole person – mind, body and spirit. This is the future of medicine.”

By focusing on interactions between the environment and your neurological, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and immune systems we develop your individualized plan for successfully restoring healthy functioning of your brain and body. This is different than the typical medical approach of seeing a separate specialist for each body system.

We understand that brain function, diet, nutrition, genetics and exposure to environmental toxins/infections play central roles in predisposing you to illness and provoking symptoms. These factors are modulating the activity of biochemical messengers in your body through a complex and diverse set of mechanisms.

As Functional Medicine providers we believe that your entire “health story” needs to be heard and understood in context in order to truly help solve your case, and help you step forward into a better, healthy future.

When you consult with us you are making the important first step toward your goals. As “Your Functional Medicine Detectives” we are leaving no stone unturned in our relentless search to pinpoint the causes of your particular condition.

Linda<br />Fatigue, Depression, Lower GI Issues

Fatigue, Depression, Lower GI Issues

I have been suffering for years with lower GI issues, fatigue, depression and stresses of life getting to me. I just assumed it was the aging process and the amount of stress I allowed myself to live under. After 3 months of treatment with Dr. Joe I have begun to feel better. The lower GI issues have gone away. I have learned to enjoy eating my healthy diet. I now sleep well, I’m creating again. I have a joyful life. I am so grateful that I made an appointment with Dr. Young. His professional ethics, his patience, his empathy and his enthusiasm for what he does is contagious!

Rexanne<br />Testimonial For Dr. Young

Testimonial For Dr. Young

I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Young as a chiropractor. When I’m looking for a practitioner I’m looking for someone who uses integrative medicine and is scientifically based. Dr. Young does a great job of that. I really appreciate his professional manner. He’s someone I am really comfortable with and I really trust.