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Fibromyalgia, or is it?

Fibromyalgia, or is it?


Do You Have Fibromyalgia… Or Something Else?

Pain all over your body?  Fatigue and aching in your muscles and joints? You don’t want to do anything anymore? It hurts when you move, and when you don’t?  You don’t sleep well and don’t feel rested when you do sleep?

A significant number of the patients that come to our office suffering with chronic pain and a diagnosis of “Fibromyalgia”  do not have Classic Fibromyalgia.  They do have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, the name of a condition. What they often do not have is the knowledge of the underlying cause of their symptoms.

What many practitioners and patients fail to realize is that the underlying cause of the symptoms varies from patient to patient. Some will be found to have undetected functional thyroid deficiencies. Others with chronic infections or autoimmune conditions.  Many with widespread myofascial pain disorder secondary to physical trauma.  Still others with inflammation and pain as a result of chronic emotional stress resulting in elevated or depressed cortisol/melatonin rhythms. And some will have Classic Fibromyalgia with sensitization of the central nervous system.

All of these patients have similar symptoms that, to the untrained clinician, point to the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  A mistaken diagnosis in about 66% of cases according to a study reported in Rheumatology.

What does this mean to you if you have these symptoms and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia? Other than the likelihood of ineffective treatment in a large percentage of cases, you may be missing the chance of restoring your health and having your life back!

If this interests you then please read on by requesting immediate access to my report on the causes of fibromyalgia.  If you choose to read the report the following paragraphs will present information on how to learn if you have Classic Fibromyalgia… or something else.