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Tired, drained, exhausted, and depressed?

Whether it’s night or day…It doesn’t seem to matter anymore…because you are always tired. You find it hard to sleep…and it’s even harder to feel like moving.

When you make the effort to do an activity you pay for it afterward. Pain permeates your muscles and joints. You can’t seem to think, or remember simple things.

Your doctor tells you that the cause is unknown. The best thing to do is take the medications for your symptoms and cope with life day to day.

It is hard to tell now whether what you are feeling is a symptom or a side effect, when you are taking meds to sleep, meds for pain, meds for anxiety or depression.

Where will your life end up?

If you are living this nightmare and you want to wake up to a new life, then call us today!

With our natural, scientific approach we can find the causes of your fatigue and help you energize your life!

You may have chronic fatigue syndrome if your fatigue and other related symptoms lasts for more than six months, and is not due to a medical condition, like heart disease or cancer.

Other related symptoms you may have are: not feeling well after activity; poor sleep; widespread muscle and joint pain; sore throat; headaches; difficulty with thinking and memory; dizziness with standing; poor digestion; depression; heart palpitations/arrythmia; and others.

Your fatigue may be caused by such factors as oxidative stress from poor blood sugar regulation, undetected viral or bacterial infections in your body, adrenal gland over-activation, low thyroid function, different anemias, brain imbalances, mitochondrial defects, immune system dysregulation, etc.

Through our extensive training in neurology and functional medicine we can understand and affect the intricate relationships between your brain, your immune system and your organ systems.

Whatever is causing your problem we will be searching to find it and help you fix it!